Hi my name is Luca Gentile, 34 years old, I graduated from Politecnico di Milano in Industrial Design. I’m the dude behind the blog Think.Bigchief and the fabulous BigChief Paper Toys.
I currently live in Milan where I work as a freelance designer of things pertaining to graphics and websites.
Honestly speaking this is my passion and my foreseable future. Please do not hesitate to get in touch for any further information.


I worked with special clients like

VICE Italy   ADVICE   HiPP Italia   Federfarmaco   WP Lavori   MorganAir   Il Baretto al Baglioni  Coachmag   Baba j   Brief Coaching Solutions   Studio Paladino   § - Loyal   Sinapsi   FrizziFrizzi   Bobos   The Lost Innocence   Politecnico Milano   Easypins   Professional Pins   Villa Rosmarino   Diagramma   Indicom   Pepe NYMI   Freakout   TWS   Sofistar   Reiser   Nike   GoLab   Brekka