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Veeka Online Shop

Veeka is a retro cycling gloves and accessories brand. The brand was founded by me, Mike Giles and Bjorn Yeo. I’m responsible for sales in Europe, the art direction and designing products… (read)


Veeka RFLTV Gloves

The RFLTV gloves are the latest mitts I designed for VEEKA.
This model had been inspired by classical designes and presents crocheted cotton patterns on the top and vegan leather palms with… (read)


Veeka Badges

A series of badges made out of cotton you can apply on wool tops and Jereseys… (read)


VICE Oroscopo

Last year I also designed the illustrations for each symbol of the zodiac for the May Issue of Vice Magazine. Each symbol is associated with a specific letter… (read)



Sekford is a watch brand conceived and designed by K and M. The website is a responsive template with an homepage which incorporates fullscreen slides and internal pages with a grid layout… (read)



UTC is an Italian brand specialized in accessories, backpacks and shoes based in London. The real challenge of this project has been creating graphic templates which appear to be off-grid at first glance… (read)


Villa Rosmarino

Among the most prestigious locations in Camogli, Villa Rosmarino is for sure one of the best. The website aims to display the most evocative images of the palace and its sourroundings…  (read)



The Bollate Jazzmeeting association was founded by a group of friends that I helped with the development of a platform created to present their activities on the territory… (read)