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Well done
is better than well said.

Here is a few of my best works published during last year.


Via Matteotti
20021 Bollate
- Milano -


About Me

I've been doing this job for a long time with passion and patience. After Earning the degree at arts high school I graduated in Industrial design at the Politecnico in Milan. Co founder of the Bigchief Agency, since 2006 blogger and web designer freelance: every experience I've had in my life has lead me here, and here is good.

I love challenges and never settle. I'm a passionate blogger, Dedicated Web Designer always ready to work night and day to deliver projects on time.

I love to be involved every day with different things that I enjoy doing, I could not ask for more, even during moments when life and family can be challenging, my passions bind me to meet deadlines


Accurate first analysis of the clients's needs.


Early develop of the concept by building the scaffolding structure.


Provide various graphic layouts and custom graphic concepts to choose from.


My priority is the client's satisfaction.

Sneak peek


  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Web Design Development
  • Ecommerce
  • Strategy
  • Illustration
"Luca has two qualities that very seldom go together: creativity and professionalism. He can think out of the box to create innovative and 'catchy' content, and at the same time provide timely and high quality technical support when you need it."
"Luca is a creative imaginative professional able to quickly understand the client's desire and to translate it in facts, something visible that helps you build and show the image you want others to see in the web. He is a generous partner in teaching and sharing his knowledge while taking you to your next technical future.
Very reliable, he is always update with best practice to suggest and apply."
"I worked with Luca on my new website and he proved to be a reliable, strong professional able to understand the customer needs and make realistic proposals.
I have been completely satisfied also from creative aspects: he created original images very agreeable according with my request."
"Luca is an experienced and very professional consultant. He is very keen in facing new challenges with a solution oriented approach. We appreciate very much his style: creative, resourceful, hard worker focused to deliver the best results for the client."